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Best Pressure Washer Reviews 2020 | Exclusive Buying Guide

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What is the best pressure washer according to you? Well, we’ll tell you which pressure washer can bring changes in your washing part in a big way.

You need to clean the desk, cars, deck, and garden too. But how to clean everything in the right way? Well, best pressure washers are the handiest tool ever that can clean any debris and dirt in no time.

Pressure washers are powered with either electric motor or gasoline engine. In this article, we’ll discuss what kind of pressure washer is better for you and what you should pick.

Top 7 Best Pressure Washers From Expert’s Recommendation

Since there are many pressure washers in the market available, you still want the best one, isn’t it?

Here, we are going to help you choose the budget washer pressure with the necessary buying guide, pros, & cons too.

1. Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 Max Psi 1.76 Gpm 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer

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Sun joe is in our top picks for its unique special features and advantages.  It’s one of the best electric power washers that can be your right companion for cleaning tasks.

There are 1800 watts of power that are the massive power to eradicate dirt, debris, grease, and other particles. From the low to high, you can use it in every way. When you need high-quality pressure, it can do so. When you need a delicate pressure for the daily round-up cleaning, it can also clean the things.

It’s extremely powerful! If you ever want to make the very extreme cleaning with a huge amount of pressure, this is the right one. Though it gives the most powerful pressure for the 14.5 motor power, still you can control water usage.

Its PSI power is 2030 which makes sure to let the machine release its last end power and make it all way powerful to create pressure with water. As we know the more pressure, the more it can clean moderately.

Since some want to disinfect along with the cleaning. So, they can add the detergent and cleaning or disinfect gel in the additional tank. Thus, you will get the most beautiful clean that you ever imagined.


  • You can select the right amount of pressure from the settings option.
  • The best portability you can get from its wheels which are fitted easily.
  • Its 25-foot extension hose makes it way better to use when you need to handle a big area for cleaning.
  • Saving power energy helps to save energy and there is less likely to occur with fewer electricity bills.
  • Assembling is easier and there is no need for extra additional tools.


  • Needs extra secured tightening to maintain the leak-free performance.

Though this is a big machine that comes with all the power and flexibility, its compact design lets you store it to any corner place.

2. Generac 6882 GPW 2900PSI Power Washer SPEEDW

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If you want a pressure washer for all of your household chores, then Generac 6882 is the best pressure washer for home. There are a lot of people who want to get more than a pressure washer, they should stop by this helpful washer.

It can easily clean sidewalks, floors, tiles, gardens, kitchen, washroom, or anything that need pressure wash. Do you want to give your car or bike a pressure wash? Well, this is the ultimate choice that you can pick as your primary cleaning system.

This washer can create the right amount of pressure that can clean faster than any other washers. Its dirt removing features is way better and excellent for its innovative PowerDial gun.

The settings feature is a pro thing in it. There is a pictogram marking on the settings plate. So, you can easily switch to different options whenever needed.

When you need to wash your car, you can opt for the light option. And to deal with a hard surface like floors, woods, and other sidewalks washing demands high-end pressures.

Apart from all the flexibility of the option, it’s easier to use it. Its inverted trigger is a modern innovation that allows you to handle it with easiness.

The 196cc OGV engine is a peak feature of this washer to create proper pressure. Its powerful motor power gives an easy start and smooth performance. So, you can get the full functional motor capacity with endless performance.


  • Axial cam pump lets you easily connect to a hose.
  • Its engine is enough powerful to clean the toughest dirt ever.
  • Soap blaster can spray the soap 3X comparing to any random nozzle you can get in other pressure washers.
  • Along with the multiple settings capacities, it has an easy controlling feature.
  • The detergent tank ensures enough sufficient place to store water.


  • If the placement of the machine isn’t done correctly, it might shake during the operation.

It’s faster and convenient as the best home pressure washer. If you want a 4X faster performance, then this is the right washer for you.

3. Briggs & Stratton S1800 1800 MAX PSI at 1.1 GPM Electric Pressure Washer

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There is not only who have to go through the hassle of cleaning the outside. So, how to get rid of this battle of cleaning your gardens, workshop, home walks, and pavements? Well, along with the indoor, outdoor needs to be cleaned also.

Briggs & Stratton has come along with the right weapon for you. This S1800 model from the manufacturer can be the ultimate pick as your electric pressure machine.

The setup demands to connect 3 turbo nozzles with the detergent tank and make it perfect for the washing applications. Else, the turbo nozzle feature is unique in its own way. It can make cleaning easier and faster by 40%.

If we look at the hose, it’s 25 feet long. So, this will allow you to clean those narrow and tidy places where you can’t reach easily. The hose is also durable. So, it can go through any extreme level washing task.

The overall construction is sturdy. Its frame is made of durable steel construction. This is the best heavy-duty pressure washer which can handle all the high-pressure washing tasks.

The portability plays its role significantly. This is the best portable washer machine for its 7-inch solid wheels in the base. Else the base is enough wide to easily move around your cleaning area. You can move up/down the machine according to your requirement and the best part is you don’t need to go on you kneel to fix the position.


  • Instant pull and push a trigger provide intense smoother and faster washing.
  • The 1800 PSI flow can use 1.2 gallons of water in a minute which ensures a very deep cleaning.
  • 3 nozzles settings allow you to handle small, medium, and large washing tasks.
  • The motor is easily accessible. So, you can get another or repair it easily when it’s malfunctioned.
  • It’s not only user-friendly but also noise-free. So, you are getting an eco-friendly product as it doesn’t even cause bad smell around you.


  • You have to stay careful when you’re connecting the power cord and pressure hose in the same area. Make sure they are not tangling anyhow, otherwise a mess can arise any time.

If you want to go with a pressure washer for years and years, then you should stick to this. It’s durable and flexible in terms of performance and durability. It will make your life stress free for maintaining it easily.

4. AR Annovi Reverberi AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer

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What’s the best outdoor pressure cleaner? We are delighted to let you introduce the Annovi AR390SS. This model is perfect for cleaning outdoor and garden furniture, decks, trucks, RVs, cars, ATVs, and many more things.

It comes with universal motor power. If you ever want to change the motor or repair it, then you don’t need to be in any rush. Its motor is able to convert powerful wash to your outdoor things.

This can be selected by any user as the best professional-style pressure washer. If you ever want to use it for the hardest reach of any corner, then this is the ultimate pick for you. It comes with a 30-foot hose that can create extreme water pressure on the surface.

There are 4 different nozzles that will allow you to get from lower to higher pressure from the water tank. So, from washing cars with lower speed to washing dirty garden benches with higher speed.

Its detergent tank can contain 48 oz. Water which is enough for a complete wash of any outdoor large things. You hardly have to refill detergent frequently.

Else this is a user-friendly pressure washer which saves 80% water for the 40% higher speed power. And you won’t be creating any annoying sound while operating this. This is way quiet compared to other washer machines.

This pressure washer comes with all the essentials like powerful pressure creating a hose, two wheels, and long cord. It’s a great combination to use for any indoor and outdoor things. But whoever has a motorcycle, boat, car, driveway, and cycle will enjoy its super-powerful wash performance.


  • Easy to assemble with all the essentials in the box.
  • Uses less water and produces more pressure to clean in the cleanest
  • The weight is not a big deal to move along with you anywhere.
  • Its design and appearance are really good for anyone to work with confidence.
  • Users can remove detergent tanks after done with the cleaning and clean the tank to increase its longevity.


  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer 45-degree spray nozzles.

Those who need a professional pressure washer can take this as their best weapon for cleaning any outdoor things magically in no effort.

Those who need a professional pressure washer can take this as their best weapon for cleaning any outdoor things magically in no effort.

5. PowerBoss 3100 MAX PSI at 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

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You can get a wash of 2.7 gallons of water per minute which is excellent for any heavy cleaning. So, it ensures time-saving cleaning in no time.

This pump basically requires no maintenance. You also don’t need to have the knowledge to operate it. You can easily operate it. There is an easy start button. So, starting and handling this machine isn’t a messy matter.

Its wheels are unique which are 10” pneumatic wheels. They are so sturdy and stay in the firm condition. So, you never have to face issues of flat wheels.

You can easily assemble it. It doesn’t require any extra hassle while assembling the parts. It has a flexible 25ft flexible hose that allows you to clean any wide area. Else, this hose is made from rigid materials. So, you can use it for any toughest cleaning tasks.

The 40-degree spray tip provides a wide spray of water with a higher amount of pressure. It cleans everything from soft to hard surfaces.


  • The tires are made from rigid materials. They are always in the condition to serve you.
  • It has dual-wheel carts to store additional things like hose, wand, and gun.
  • The detergent tank is portable to be cleaned after the washing is done.
  • Its 3100 PSI pressure gives you the most powerful pressure.
  • There are 4 quick-connect tips that allow the wide cleaning capacity.


  • Wheels and tires are made of plastic.

Though it comes with all the beneficial needs for a homeowner, still it’s really low in price. Looking at the features and advantages, we can declare it as the durable cheap washer pressure.

6. Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer

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SPX3001 from Sun Joe is the ultimate solution for power and strength. This pressure washer is constructed so sturdy that it can be your right weapon to handle bigger cleaning tasks. Else, it’s the versatile pressure washer. It can manage washing indoor, outdoor, and any tools or equipment that requires cleaning.

Its 1800-watt motor can generate 2030 PSI with the 14.5-amp current flow. This power is enough to serve you when you need to clean the garden tree sap or cars.

It produces a moderate powerful breeze for heavy-duty tasks. But the low to medium cleaning tasks get satisfactory results from it.

You can easily adjust the spray. So, customizing it according to the respective projects. There are five quick-connect spray tips that can make a spray in many ways.

The detergent tank is large enough to hold detergent powder for cleaning heavy-duty tasks. It can store around 1.2 liters detergent in the tank. So, you can make great cleaning without making any messy solution.

It takes no time to clean that debris off from the windows, benches, chairs, boats, trailers, ATVs, RVs, and many more. All you do is fill the tank and complete the cleaning job.

The 6-meter-wide spray extension along with the front wheels enable easy moving to the pressure washer. Thus, it allows you to reach through the corners of the furniture, decks, gardening tools, and many more.

You can keep this machine idle for longer days. Well, that can cause machines to be dead permanently.


  • The wand quality is good to create the perfect pressure of the water.
  • Setup requires a little addition of assembling but still, the setup is really an easy thing.
  • From the available 5 spray tips, you can make your choice to clean.
  • It offers safety to the users and is easy to use.
  • It comes with additional things like GFCI protection, hose, 5 quick-connect spray tips, and all the equipment to make the cleaning task easier.


  • It’s made of plastic.

From the low to mild based cleaning tasks can be done with it. Well, that stubborn debris and dirt is going to say “Goodbye” in a minute.

7. Greenworks 1600 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer GPW1602

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Are you someone who wants to close the cleaning tasks hassle with just one wash? Then this Greenworks is the best pressure washer which can manage not to leave dirt or debris behind after one wash.

It doesn’t run on gas. You can use it and get economic benefits too where other pressure washers run on gas make you pay a lot of money. This washer is also for both uses. You can use it at home and outside too.

The weight is a very convenient feature that makes the users love it. Its 13-amp powerful motor is added with water-resistant features. Luckily, it gives flexibility to the outstanding cleaning task. The power is sufficient to give the material a clean and dirt-free wash.

It gives an extreme wash. The motor uses 1.1 gallons of water flow in a minute which is enough to complete the toughest cleaning tasks. Following the 1.2 GPM, the water pressure 1500 PSI is able to remove insect splats, road tar, and tree sap with a single wash.

Still, it is not perfect for a heavy-duty wash. 1500 PSI is only able to give low and mid-level washing tasks.


  • The design is compact and flexible to store in any corner.
  • You can use this machine with both upside and downside positions.
  • The motor is powerful to remove all the sticky debris, dirt, and grime.
  • There are available quick-connect spray tips to select.
  • The power cord is larger in size to make the toughest corner cleaning.


  • It creates sound for the motor.

There is a versatile settings option in this machine. So, you can enjoy a variety of flexibility while washing with it.


Things To Consider Before Selecting A Pressure Washer

It’s not really easy to get an affordable pressure washer with all the essential features. So, you’ve to make your required necessities and follow the list to get the best result from the pressure washer that you’re choosing.

Well, there are many criteria that you must follow to choose the best powerful electric pressure washer.

So, let’s see the hitlist!

  1. Motor Power

Motor power is like the heart of a pressure washer. It seems like when your heart is healthy, you perform well. So, the pressure washer works better when the motor power is really up to the mark. The more motor power means the more flexible and powerful performance.

A powerful motor can clean away dirt and grime without any effort. So, seeking for a powerful motor in any pressure washer is the first thing that you need to do.

  1. Power Source

Which power source do you prefer- electric or gas? There is a common fact that many of us don’t like gas-powered machines. Gas is a pricey component for being the power source. So, we would hardly like to choose a gas-powered pressure washer. It will make your money go away in ashes. Is that really fair?

So, you can decide smartly and move your decision to the electric-powered pressure washer machine. It will keep your machine going on using the electric power source. It’s not either free but will cost very few amounts of electricity at the end of the month.

  1. The PSI & GPM Output

The PSI refers to the amount of water strength. So, you should require an increased number of PSI rates. The less PSI power means the machine is going to serve low-quality pressure. If you want extremely clean and heavy wash for the outdoor things, then the PSI rate must be higher.

The GPM is the term that indicates the number of gallons of input of the machine. But, lower GPM output means the machine will serve in the medium force. A higher PSI and GPM output can only clean for the heavy-duty wash.

  1. Price

Price is just variable not to focus on. You should only check if the machine can wash like the way you want or need it. You can find all the requirements and needs in a pressure washer which is cheap and affordable. It’s just a myth that you need to spend 1000-dollar bucks for getting any good pressure washer.

  1. Water Pressure Strength

You should consider a pressure washer which has a powerful unit. And also remember what kind of things you are going to clean with it. When you want to clean something, which are outdoor things or hard surfaces, then you need a maximum pressure from a pressure washer. And the home things can be cleaned with a mild flow pressure. So, get the pressure washer with the multiple settings adjustments of pressure flow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: What is a better electric or gas pressure washer?

Answer: Well, both of these have different advantages. If you want to get economic benefits, then you should consider electric ones. When you need full-flexed pressure, then you must choose a gas-powered pressure washer.

Question 2: What is the good PSI should I consider?

Answer: All the pressure washers come with PSI. You need to know your washing types. If your washing needs a heavy pressure and intense cleaning, you must have to clean with 2000 to 3000 PSI pressure power. Else, for the mild to small tasks, 1500 PSI is appropriate.

Question 3: Is the pressure washer damage the things?

Answer: Pressure washer creates a pressure flow of wind and water to clean the surface. In this way, things can be damaged if the pressure isn’t right. So, you need to select the right kind of pressure like low pressure for delicate things and higher pressure for sturdy materials.

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Final Words

We are at the end of our best pressure washer machines!

Did you select the right one for you? Well, it’s not easy to select a pressure washer. You have to look at the many specifications and aspects to choose the budget pressure washers.

If you still have confusion, you can purchase Sun Joe SPX4000 and get versatile high-end powerful performance. Otherwise, you need to know your needs and according to your needs and you can select the best-rated pressure washer from our given top 7 list. Don’t miss our good research articles.

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