Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric pressure washer

Do you want to tackle your toughest home cleaning projects with ease? The go with Sun Joe SPX4000 pressure washer and it will give you consistent power. It has a powerful motor that will give you 2030PSI to bring cleaning chores down to size. This tool will let you demolish those last bits of grease, dirt, grime and gunk. Sun Joe SPX4000 comes with five quick-connect tips that will let you do your auto cleaning projects effortlessly.

The machine comes with exclusive pressure-select technology. You can pick the right pressure and deal with those dirt and grime and you’ll notice professional results. Maneuvering this tool is something very easy. It comes with easy-glide wheels that will let you move your machine from one place to the other. Sun Joe SPX4000 is the perfect pressure washer that you can use for outdoor items and it will ensure a thorough cleaning. The ample power of this machine will penetrate deeply into the surface and you’ll get shiny surfaces.

Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 PSI Electric Pressure Washer



14.5-amp electric motor

The electric pressure washer has an electric motor which uses pressure select technology. If you need the most powerful motor then, Sun Joe SPX4000 will meet your needs. Its powerful motor will give you 2030 PSI using 1.76 GPM. This is the powerful machine for maximum cleaning power. It is also a perfect choice for your entire home cleaning projects.

However, you can choose the power you want since it is adjustable. You will love the pressure select technology and then select a low PSI setting depending on your cleaning project needs. If you want pressure that can work for most cleaning tasks, then you can select a low PSI setting of 1450. This tool is a great option for those extremely dirt projects.

Five quick connect spray tips

Sun Joe SPX4000 comes with 5 quick connect spray tips that are ready to make your cleaning projects perfect. The five spray tips are 0, 15, 25, and 40.your cleaning customizations will be taken to the next levels with this tool. You can also make use of the soap spray tip and you’ll notice shiny surfaces.



What is included in the package is a 20 feet high pressure hose, an extension wand, as well as, a garden hose adapter. You’ll also get a needle clean-out tool and a power cord with GFCI protection. The package comes with everything you need to make those outdoor cleaning projects a breeze.

To make things more enjoyable is that, all the accessories are stored in the machine. You’ll never misplace any of these accessories.

Safety lock  

You’ll have a peace of mind when you use Sun Joe SPX4000. The pressure washer comes with TSS that will make the pump of your Sun Joe SPX4000 last longer. The TSS will automatically shut off the pump during those moments when you’re not squeezing the trigger.

You will also save a lot of energy and this is great when you’re cleaning and your kid comes too close. This machine will allow you to make a lot of your cleaning projects without worrying about high electricity bill.


Sun Joe SPX4000 pressure washer is the most portable machine. Its weight is only 27.8 pounds plus its easy glide wheels, makes the tool a perfect choice for outdoor cleaning. You can roll your Sun Joe SPX4000 over any surface and make cleaning something more interesting.

The machine measures 37 x 18 x 22 inches only and you can fix it under those small sized sheds. If you lack the upper body strength that you can use to carry heavy equipment, then this machine will be your deal. You can also use this machine for hours of time without experiencing fatigue.

Detergent tank

Do you want a pressure washer with the largest detergent tank? Sun Joe SPX4000 has 54.1 fluid ounce detergents which is large to hold adequate amount of soap. The machine will hold enough liquid soap that is enough for your medium-sized project. No more hassling with buckets of detergents.

Pros :

  • The TSS of the tool will give you peace of mind when you’re busy washing and your pet comes closer
  • It comes with accessories that will let you start cleaning your patio and driveway straight out of its box
  • It has a pressure select technology that will let you to clean everything in your house. You can flip the switch and you will get enough power to clean even the most stubborn grime and dirt
  • The company gives an excellent customer support to their customers. If you purchase Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric pressure washer, you will be treated very well by the professional customer support team of Sun Joe company
  • The two sturdy wheels ll ensure that you get the maximum maneuverability. This machine is perfect for all of your entire outdoor cleaning projects

Cons :

The machine doesn’t use standard sized M22 fittings

Customer feedback :

Customers love this tool with their heart just because it gives them professional results. Here are some of their feedbacks;

“I love my new pressure washer because it is easy to start. When I let off the trigger, the smachine stop which I like most unlike other models I had used. It is effortless to move around and I have used the machine to clean my brick and concrete. It only needs five minutes to assembly everything. You will love this model. ”

“I bought this machine to clean cedar fences, white painted fences, sidewalks, my driveway, and my brick house. I have used the tool frequently and it has performed very well. I like how it performs since I could have used a lot of dollars to have it done by professionals. I believe my tool will last longer. ”

“This machine is a great one for its price. This one has fitted my bill and my wife love using this pressure washer for washing outdoor furniture. The soap applicator works great”


The quality of Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric pressure washer is amazing. This machine is no exception. If you want a pressure washer that comes with great features and easy to use, then Sun Joe SPX4000 will be your great option. Sun Joe SPX4000 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM Electric pressure washer will capture your attention due to its great features.


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