Generac SpeedWash 6882 2900 PSI 2.4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Generac SpeedWash 6882 is here to provide you with the power you need to clan smarter and faster up to 50 percent. This unit comes with the best components to let you clean different surfaces including your car, siding of your house, and much more. No more stubborn dirt and grime since the turbo nozzle of the machine is will let you to blast away those grime and dirt three times farther. Get ready to enjoy maximum cleaning performance that this model will give you.

You will love its flex hose which is non-marring and kink resistant. The 30 feet flex hose is great for cleaning large surfaces without moving your machine frequently. Its high-quality engine coupled with aluminum axial cam pump will give you the most needed power to make cleaning easy and fast. You can clean longer if you want since the cushioned grip will make operation easy and this is great for extended use.

Generac SpeedWash 6882 2900 PSI Gas Pressure Washer


Features :

There are a lot of pressure washers out there, but before you buy any, you have to consider its features. Well, Generac SpeedWash 6882 comes with great specs and components that will make cleaning super enjoyable.

Onboard detergent tank:

Do you like when you’re toting detergent containers around? Well, there’s no need to tote detergent containers anywhere. Generac SpeedWash 6882 will let you clean faster and safely than before. The tank is spacious enough to hold up to half gallon of detergent and this is great for most cleaning jobs.

Powerdial ergonomic spray gun :

You can easily adjust the pressure which you need to clean particular surfaces. This unit is super amazing; the spray gun is effective for cleaning concentrate, wood, car, and any other surfaces you wish. Adjusting the pressure is very easy. The innovative powerdial gun will make your cleaning time effortless.

Each of the four application settings of this machine is marked with an intuitive pictogram. Wood will be for siding and other surfaces which need an intermediate pressure, while car is for autos and also other light cleaning jobs. The sidewalk setting will be ideal for pavement and other places which can withstand full pressure. Soap will be ideal for applying detergent.


Turbo nozzle:

The rotating pinpoint stream will let you to lift away those stubborn dirt and grimes which have been troubling you for years. You’ll be very glad to see shinier surfaces than before. The goodness is that once you have cleaned the surface, you don’t have to hand scrub. This will finally save you time and energy. The turbo nozzle of this unit is 30 percent faster than those standard nozzles.

Soap blaster :

One thing which is obvious is that, you’re going to fall in love with this unit. The soap blaster attachment of this unit will make your machine to spray soap three times farther than those standard nozzle tips. This is great for lifting away tough stains since the soap blaster can penetrate deeply into the surfaces. The end result will be shiny surfaces.

Powerful generac engine:

This model comes with a powerful engine to give you the maximum cleaning performances. No matter how the stubborn dirt and grime are, this product will never fail you.

Easy-access pump:

You don’t have to kneel on the ground in the name of connecting the hose. The horizontal axial cam pump will make thing sound nicely. The hose connections will let you clean like a pro. This is what you need for effortless cleaning and it will promise you a shiny surface.

30ft flex hose:

Do you want the best pressure washer that comes with the most flexible hose? The hose of this machine is the best one in the industry. Forget about those hose which are stiff and prone to kinking. PVC-coated hoses are not the ideal ones. This machine comes with a flex hose which has a polyurethane cover than makes the hose stay supple.

You’ll never wrestle with the hose of this machine even when it is pressurized. One more thing is that, there’s no marring and the hose is resistant to abrasion. You can now wash more surfaces with this powerful machine.

Ergonomic inverted trigger:

You will like the trigger of this machine alongside with the cushioned grip. You’ll make effortless cleaning operation each time you use this machine. No more hand cramps when you use this machine, in fact, you’ll be able to clean longer and effectively.

The power broom:

The power broom houses 4 nozzles which roll at a constant height. You can easily wash the decks and driveways with the power broom which is optional. The broom will enable you to maintain a steady distant, as well as, pressure. It will let you clean without hand fatigue and it will make cleaning four times faster.


  • It has an onboard detergent tank which is easy to fill and clean
  • It comes with two wheels which will never flatten
  • Effortless to assemble and use
  • Long flex hose which is great for cleaning large areas
  • The pressure washer is versatile and ideal for cleaning metal, wood, concrete, and vinyl siding, and much more
  • It has a user friendly design for effortless connection of hose
  • Very portable and its sturdy wheels makes cleaning effortless
  • The pressure setting is adjustable making it suitable for cleaning different surfaces
  • The attachment are effortless to add and remove
  • It doesn’t cause fatigue even after long cleaning sessions

Cons :

  • The manual pull start might be hard for juniors

Customer Feedback :

Customers have never stopped loving this product. Here are some of their feedback to us about the product.

This is an exceptional pressure washer that I have ever come across. It is fast and easy to set up. I have used it in plenty of my cleaning needs and I have always loved and enjoyed using it”

“When I received it and I started my first pull, it came out running with power and urge to start work. My car is now always clean. My patio and concrete floors are never with dirt once again. That is why I recommend it for use with anyone that needs a pressure washer”

Verdict :

Generac speedwash 6882is the ideal pressure washer for home users who want to clean difficult surfaces with stubborn dirt and grime. This pressure power is very powerful and gives more reliable cleaning operation. The unit uses high PSI and GPM to enable users clean all kinds of surfaces. The included accessories of this unit will let you clean your RVs, boats, and vehicles such as your cars.


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