14 Best Commercial Pressure Washers | Expert Guidelines

14 Best Commercial Pressure Washers | Expert Guidelines

The best commercial pressure washer can ease your life by helping you with your daily household chores. A commercial pressure washer works on the principle of washing using forced water. The high pressure from the water helps to remove filth and dust properly. In this best commercial pressure washer reviews 2019 guide, we’re going to talk about 14 best commercial pressure washers that will not only save your time but will also save your money.

So, Let’s get started!

Commercial pressure washers have been frequently used in manufacturing businesses but they are getting appreciation in domestic activities too. Their affordability and easy to use feature are making them a must-use item for households.

The price range of the pressure washer depends on its functionalities and the water density. They can be electric, diesel-based, hydraulic or gasoline-based. When it comes to purchasing a pressure washer, there are a lot of choices on hand. This pressure washer review article will help you in deciding which pressure washer is best for you and how not to waste your money on them.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Pressure Washer?

Picking the right pressure washer can be a confusing task particularly if you are new to this. As there are hundreds of models of commercial pressure washers, it is important to pick a model that best fits your criteria. This can only be done if you know exactly why you need a pressure washer.

When buying the best commercial pressure washer, there are some factors that you need to look out for. Let’s look at these factors closely:

Consider the Engine Brand

The type of engine used to power the pressure washer must be a chief concern before buying. There are so many brands to choose from. It is sensible to pick one that has an engine from a reputed brand instead of the one that no one knows. With reputed brands, you’ll also get a warranty coverage whenever any problems arise with performance, replacement or spare parts.

How is the washer powered?

Most commercial pressure washers are powered by gas or electricity. You must know the difference between each of the types and the features each type offers before making the final decision. For instance, maximum gas-powered pressure washers are generally more powerful than electric ones and accordingly can wash anything quicker and with little energy. Gas-powered models are also sturdy and do not require electrical usage. So, for industrial use, it is better to use the commercial pressure washers that are powered by gas.

However, gas-powered models are simply ideal for open-air cleaning since they produce fumes. They are also louder compared to electrical models. On the other hand, electric powered ones are low-cost, lightweight and perfect for small cleaning jobs such as washing car. They are also suitable for indoor washing. So, for cleaning your backyard or car, an electric powered pressure washer will be more suitable. You need to pick the one that best suits your desire and liking.

Hot Water or Cold Water?

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing the best commercial pressure washer. Pressure washers are intended to use with either cold or hot water. The hot watered ones are ideal for comparably tough farm or industrial processes. On the other hand, cold water is superb for indoor washing.


The next thing to consider in a commercial pressure washer is its portability. An ideal one needs to be easily portable so that you can easily move it from place to place.


Before purchasing, the buyer should check a few customer reviews on Amazon about the particular commercial pressure washer he is interested in buying. One should also calculate the Pounds per Square Inch or PSI that lets you know the force produced by the pressure washers during the cleaning process.

 Best Commercial Pressure Washer Reviews 2019

We have included fourteen best commercial pressure washers and reviewed them thoroughly to give you a complete idea of each of the washer.

Here are the reviews:

The SPX3500 from Sun Joe is the fifth product we’ll be reviewing in our best commercial pressure washer reviews 2018 guide. This is another popular pressure washer that has received immense appraisal from customers all around. This commercial pressure washer can take your cleaning game to a whole another level.

With some very good features and working ability, the SPX35000 is definitely worth being one of the best commercial pressure washers in the industry today. For some extra features, you can spend extra twenty dollars to get the SPX3501 model that has a hose reel which is also a good addition. However, we’ll only be talking about the SPX3500 here.


  • High Power: Removing dirt is easy with this 2300 PSI & 1.48 GPM pressure washer.
  • 2000 W Motor: The engine can work for a long time without getting heated. It can run on 2000 W power. It also operates without producing any heat or noise.
  • Controlled Soap Usage: With the adjustable soap dial, one can use the right amount of soap needed for a particular task.


  • The five spray tips are very effective.
  • The tank for containing soap is huge.
  • A supportive thirty-five-foot cable that helps to move the washer easily.
  • Saves energy by automatically stopping the pump.


  • The hose has a cord that gets tangled easily.

Sun Joe SPX3500 makes dealing with dirt and grime much simpler. In a nutshell, this tough commercial pressure washer will surely be a good purchase whether you are an amateur or professional. Click here to know more details about this model.

WEN PW28 2800 PSI Gas Pressure Washer

The WEN PW28 is a powerful commercial pressure washer that can flawlessly remove any unwanted dirt in no time. Thanks to the powerful engine, this pressure washer can clean anything within a few minutes. We included this pressure washer in our best commercial pressure washer reviews 2018 guide for the budget bunnies, since it’s really affordable.

It is a well-designed cleaning machine for any type of household uses. Cleaning the car or your backyard with this commercial pressure washer will be much more effective as it comes with features that are moderately good in this price range. 


  • Powerful Engine: The 4-stroke OHV engine can pump a good amount of water for cleaning.
  • GMP & PSI Rates: Pumping out 2.3 gallons of water per minute and holding 2800 PSI, this pressure washer does wonder when cleaning.
  • Hose: The hose that comes with it is twenty-five inches long.
  • Four Different Sized Nozzles: The washer includes 4 different sized nozzles to work with.
  • Quick Connectivity: Switching nozzles are no big deal and take little time.


  • The 32-ounce capability for holding soap is amazing.
  • The four nozzles are efficient and simple to use.
  • A power-efficient engine that controls the machine effectively.
  • The wheel makes moving the pressure washer hassle-free.
  • The spray gun is easy to connect.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • The engine doesn’t allow automatic choke.

Considering everything, the WEN PW28 is definitely a good choice at a low price budget. It is movable, powerful and easy to use. It has also received lots of positive reviews in Amazon from customers around the world. You should try this pressure washer without any doubt if you want something that is low-priced but efficient. To know more click here.

The Excell EPW1792500 is the next pressure washer in our best commercial pressure washer 2018 list. Excell is well-known as one of the best commercial pressure washer brands throughout the USA. This commercial pressure washer comes with a gas engine that produces enough power to smoothly run it for a long time. It has been on the market for quite a few years now and people have loved its versatility.

This pressure washer has gained a spot in most of the commercial pressure washer reviews and critics have highly appreciated its functionalities. The washer comes with a rust-resistant wand assembly and also with many other special features. It’s a great pressure washer to keep cleaning as simple as possible.


  • Engine: The engine is an OHV gas engine that can perform sufficient power operations.
  • Nozzle Tips: It includes five nozzle tips that are quick to connect.
  • Hose: The hose is able to handle high pressure and also it is durable.
  • Wheel: The washer also includes a “never getting flat” wheel of ten inches.
  • Set-up: Setting up the pressure washer needs next to no time.


  • Can be used to deal with multiple cleaning operations.
  • The engine is strong and effective.
  • The frame protects the engine from any sort of damage which is awesome.
  • The reversible handle provides great adeptness.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • The pressure washer is very easy to maintain.


  • The wand is a bit shorter.
  • The hose should be a few inches longer.

Excell EPW1792500 is a great value-providing pressure washer that can serve for a long period of time. The price is affordable and also the features are good enough for any professionals. If you are looking for a simple commercial pressure washer, then get this without thinking further. To know other information, click here.

Generac is a well-known company that has produced some really good commercial pressure washers. This model is one of their best commercial pressure washers that can operate very efficiently. They are well famed in the power production industry and so we decided to put this brand model in our 14 best commercial pressure washer reviews 2018 guide.

This pressure washer ensures the washing process is smooth and hassle-free. It is the ideal product for both professional and personal use. Starting from features to price, everything about this pressure washer seems to be flawless.


  • Electric Start: The machine turns on by a single touch which provides reliable operation.
  • Battery with Charger: The pressure washer is powered with a Li-ion battery and can reserve charge for about eighteen months.
  • Spraying Gun: The spray gun is very powerful which is available with multiple pressure adjusting system.
  • Tank for Soap: There is an onboard tank for keeping soap.


  • The four nozzles are easy to change.
  • Comes from a reliable brand.
  • Doesn’t require much attention for maintenance.
  • Stays same for years and hardly needs any repair or replacement.
  • The customer support is very helpful and friendly.
  • The battery provides huge power to run the pressure washer without any problem.
  • Doesn’t make any noise.


  • Is a bit slow.

So, after analyzing this pressure washer’s good and bad sides, we feel this is a fairly good washer to add proficiency to your cleaning tasks. So if the features and price match with your budget, give this commercial pressure washer a try. Click here to know more about it.

The next commercial pressure washer we will be reviewing is from the brand Ford. The model FPWG3100H-J can be considered one of the best commercial pressure washers for its efficiency and flexibility. This commercial pressure washer sits at number ten in our fourteen commercial pressure washer review guide.

The power, strength, durability and other features of this pressure washer are truly amazing. Let’s look at these features closely:


  • Power of the Motor: This pressure washer has the capability to produce immense power with its OHV Engine.
  • The Pump and The Frame: The powder coated frame and the three pumps provide a strong usability.
  • Soap Tank: The soap tank that comes with this pressure washer is adjustable and it is capable of holding sufficient liquid soap.
  • The Spray Gun and Nozzles: There are six nozzles that can be quickly connected. It also comes with a handy spray gun.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • The engine is very powerful and efficient.
  • Effectively removes stains.
  • The cleaning angle is wide enough.
  • Comes with wonderful pressure and flow rate.
  • Easy to start, stop, move, store and operate.
  • Doesn’t make any noise.


  • The instructions are not very clear.
  • There might be water leaks occasionally.

This model meets some very basic and important requirements of a good commercial pressure washer. And so, investing money on this model from Ford won’t be a disappointing decision at all. To get more details just click here.

The previous commercial pressure washer we talked about was also from Simpson but this one is much better. Simpson is not renowned for their commercial pressure washers. However, they did produce some of the best commercial pressure washers on the market. The ALH3228-S is a commercial pressure washer that offers its user more than a few good-looking benefits.

It would have been unfair to not include this brilliant pressure washer in this best commercial pressure washer review guide. So let’s jump into the features that this pressure washer provides.


  • The Motor: This pressure washer is designed with a powerful Honda GX200 OH engine.
  • Oil Alert: The motor has an oil alert system activated for better security.
  • Triplex Pump: A triplex plunger pump provides the most efficient functions.
  • Hose: The hose can tolerate huge pressure and is designed with quick connectors for better usability.


  • The aluminum frame is great and sturdy.
  • Five different nozzles increase the possibility to use the washer for multiple purposes.
  • The spray wand is professionally designed.
  • The spray gun comes with a safety lock system.
  • There is available storage to hold necessary accessories.


  • The handle is a bit uncomfortable to use.
  • The shipping package needs improvement.

Definitely, this pressure washer will be a good purchase for anybody who wants to keep his house clean. To know more about this commercial pressure washer, simply click here.

With multiple pressure and flow options available, the 20683 model from Briggs & Stratton is one of the best commercial pressure washers to own. This pressure washer comes in different shades that would please anyone’s preference.

This commercial pressure washer is designed with its own company manufactured engine. This model surely deserves a spot in our best commercial pressure washer review guide. Let’s take a close look at its features:


  • The Engine: The pressure washer is designed with a motor from its own series of engine and its power is astounding.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance is minimal and also there’s no need to change the oil no matter how long you use the washer.
  • Pump: The pump is strong and very easy to trigger. It’s best suited for high performance.
  • Soap Tank: This model has a huge tank to hold soap that will make the cleaning process much more efficient.


  • Different pressure and flow rate available.
  • The cleaning process is very effective.
  • The hose is long enough to reach even the deepest corners.
  • The PSI & GPM claims are true since they are tested in labs.
  • A strong pressure washer in a very moderate price range.
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • There are complaints about the hose not being strong enough.

Anyone looking for an effective pressure washer that is budget-friendly should give this one a try. This commercial pressure washer will surely satisfy your regular simple cleaning chores. Click here to get more information.

The last pressure washer we will be talking about in our best commercial pressure washer review guide is from the brand YARD FORCE. This pressure washer is not only effective at cleaning, it also has a modern appearance. This commercial pressure washer is full of features and benefits that can make any type of cleaning look stress-free. 

You’ll not find a lot of reviews that are talking about it since it’s not that celebrated. However, we feel this pressure washer deserves to be in our top 14 list.


  • Brushless Motor: While it’s not mentioned from which brand the motor is manufactured, but it is stated that the motor uses brushless technology. As a result, the engine runs like a powerful beast.
  • Pressure per Square Inch: The pressure per square inch is 2200 at 1.25 GPM which is a standard rate for any pressure washer.
  • Five Nozzles: There are five nozzles that can be quickly connected to the pressure washer.
  • Frame: The frame has a folding handle and the design is a roll-cage type that protects the motor from any harm. The foldable handle makes the washer easy to store.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year long warranty.


  • Designed with the most up-to-date technology to provide premium performance.
  • Provides service for a long period of time.
  • Residential chores can be quickly handled.
  • Highly reliable


  • It’s difficult to move or transfer the pressure washer.

With a bunch of positive reviews from its customers, this commercial pressure washer seems to be a good deal to crack. So it is highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a highly functional pressure washer for performing regular cleanings. To know more about this model, simply click here.

This commercial pressure washer is from the Simpson brand. You cannot call it the best commercial pressure washer, however, it provides some facilities that are moderately good in this price range. So we decided to put it in our fourteen best commercial pressure washer 2018 review guide for those who need a simple pressure washer that has all the basic features at a low price.


  • Easy Storing: The frame can be folded down, so it’s fast and hassle-free to set up or store.
  • Soap Tank: It also includes a soap tank for holding liquid soap which is used for cleaning.
  • Wheels: It comes with a six-inch wheel that never gets flat.
  • Spray Gun and Nozzles: The spray gun provides control and comfort of use. Also, it includes three nozzles that are very convenient.
  • Hose: The 25-inch hose is very flexible and can handle high pressure.


  • A good pressure washer in a moderate price range.
  • Can fulfill all the basic tasks easily.
  • Easy to handle and sustain.
  • Barely makes any sound.
  • Pressure and flow rate are sufficient.


  • Sometimes liquids may spill from the washer.

Considering the overall features, this pressure washer will be a good choice for household cleaning purposes. The price range is comparatively less and it provides almost all the basic functionalities of a pressure washer. So, you can definitely give it a shot. To know more,  click here.

This model from the Champion brand is a beginner-friendly commercial pressure washer that has received good fame in the pressure washer arena. This is definitely one of the best commercial pressure washers that have a very powerful engine. It can handle heavy chores easily. This pressure washer will also save you a lot of time and energy.

The manufacturer has used the best possible design to create this amazing pressure washer that is loved by both housekeepers and professionals. In this best commercial pressure washer review guide, this washer is one of those that holds both efficiencies with good looks.


  • Single-Cylinder Engine: The single-cylinder OHV engine provides sufficient power to run the pressure washer.
  • Five Different Nozzles: The pressure washer includes five different types of nozzles for different tasks and uses.
  • Trigger Gun: Comes with a trigger gun that is quite amazing.
  • Warranty: This model comes with a 2-year warranty and lifetime support for any type of technical problem.


  • The cleaning process is very straightforward and easy.
  • Can be used in outdoors as well.
  • The PSI & GPM ratings are more than enough for everyday needs.
  • The materials used to build this commercial pressure washer are of high quality.
  • Extremely long lasting than most other pressure washers on the market.
  • Reduces the stress on hand with its comfortable grip.


  • A little bit slower than some other pressure washers on the market.

This great pressure washer is an expert in handling both domestic and commercial tasks. Providing maximum comfort and efficiency, we surely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good commercial pressure washer at a low price range. To know more about this washer, click here.

This is another commercial pressure washer from the Powerplay Corporation. Powerplay Corporation is one of the best commercial pressure washer brands. The TR342HX41ARTLQC model is even more powerful than the previous one that we mentioned in our best commercial pressure washer reviews 2018 guide.  This commercial pressure washer delivers more power and energy than the previous models.

It cleans dirty chores more effectively and is well capable of tolerating rough usage. It is built to fulfill the highest expectations of users with maximum endurance. This well-known brand has produced a bunch of good pressure washers and this model is one of the bests.


  • Professional Use: This well-designed pressure washer is capable of performing any professional level cleaning.
  • Serious Cleaning: The most impactful engine of 11.7 horsepower helps to achieve serious cleaning goals.
  • Engine Protection: There is an oil alert that keeps the engine safe.
  • High Pleasure Hose: Includes a long hose that can bear high pressure.
  • Efficient Running: Works for hours without getting heated.


  • The pump is very sturdy.
  • Thermal relieve valve works perfectly.
  • With 4.1 GPM, any tasks become easier and quicker.
  • The pump comes with adjustable pressure which helps a lot.
  • Even in a large space, it can work effectively.


  • Moving the washer is tough
  • A bit expensive compared to other pressure washers.

Anybody who wants to try a commercial pressure washer with supreme engine power can buy this. It will save you a lot of time since it works very quickly. Click here to know more about this pressure washer.

The next best commercial pressure washer in our list is the SR226HH23ARNLQC model from Powerplay. This pressure washer is a perfect combination of style and function. Highly known for effective use, this commercial pressure washer is also a cleaning machine that can handle any amount of residential washing chores.

With most positive ratings in Amazon, this pressure washer is our third pick for you. Starting from its design to its operational characteristics, it will disappoint no one.


  • Components: This model has used only the best-in-class materials to build up a strong and durable pressure washer.
  • Engine: It comes with a very powerful engine manufactured by the well-known Honda brand.
  • Maneuverability: This commercial pressure washer is designed with huge wheels. It also includes a detergent tank with a capacity to hold 5.5 liters.
  • Quick Usability: The assembly design is great and also it is coated with powder frame. Anyone can start using it within seconds.


  • The engine is well capable of providing brilliant power control.
  • The PMI & GPM ratings are excellent.
  • Doesn’t require much effort to maintain.
  • Strong and sturdy design.
  • Comes with five really good pro spray tips.


  • A bit noisy while using.

This model from Powerplay Corporation has 88% satisfaction rate from consumers. It hardly encounters any problems and also can be an ideal pick for beginners. To know more about this model, you can click here.

The Simpson Cleaning PS3228-S is a commercial pressure washer that can give immense cleaning control in your hands. If anyone is looking for the best commercial pressure washer with negligible investment, then this will be the right choice for you.

It has secured a place in our best commercial pressure washer review guide as it can adapt even in the most stressful cleaning situations. This pressure washer is easy to handle and a pro in eliminating dirt, filth, and germs from even the toughest spot or area. This is a budget-friendly washer that doesn’t cost a fortune.


  • MorFlex Hose: This pressure washer includes a MorFlex hose that won’t be messy or easily smashed. There’s also M22 connectors that help to securely fit the hose.
  • Five Different Nozzles: The model comes with five different sized nozzles that you can choose from.
  • PSI & GPM: The PSI is 3300 & the GPM is 2.5 which is excellent.
  • Construction Material: This commercial pressure washer is made of welded steel and heavy gauge materials that ensures longer durability.


  • Perfect for all types of floor.
  • Comes with a three-year engine, five-year pump & ten-year frame warranty.
  • The engine is a powerful beast.
  • The power boost technology helps to pump easily.
  • Extremely durable.


  • Sometimes the high-pressure valve doesn’t work.
  • The smell of gas might be a problem while working.

This model has earned a lot of appraisal from hundreds of customers around the world. We also loved it and surely think it can be an excellent purchase in a low price range. Click here to know more about this model.

14.Pressure Pro E4040HA Professional Gas Powered Pressure Washer

The E4040HA Pressure Washer from Pressure Pro is one of the best commercial pressure washers that one can have. This is a relatively expensive washer that comes with a powerful engine. This commercial pressure washer is guaranteed to last longer than most other popular washers.

It runs for more hours than any other pressure washers on the market. Also, maintaining it doesn’t require much time. This is powered by gas. It has above average positive ratings from hundreds of customers in Amazon. In short, this model is an A-grade choice for any buyer wanting excellence in features and functionality.


  • The Engine: The engine is manufactured by the famous Honda brand. It is capable of operating with fourteen-hundred horsepower.
  • Overheating: Thanks to the Thermo-Sensor, there’s no chance of overheating.
  • Nozzle & Hose: Five connect nozzles and a fifty feet high-pressure hose are included.
  • PSI & GPM: Comes with a rate of 4000 PSI & 4 GPM.


  • The most efficient engine to operate in full power.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • Removes stains with ease.
  • Cleaning angle is wide enough.
  • Extremely reliable.


  • The hanging hose needs more space.
  • There is no pressure gauge.

This is one of the finest commercial pressure washers on the market in 2018. This is best for professionals who need to deal with a lot of cleaning every day. To know more about this model you need to click here.

Final Words:

Looks like we have reached the end of our professional pressure washer reviews guide. Hopefully, this fourteen commercial pressure washer reviews 2018 guide will give you the basic idea about each of the washer that you need to know before making a purchase.

However, there’s this one pressure washer that has won our heart in all possible way. The best commercial pressure washer that has highly functional features and all the essentials that a washer must have is the Powerplay Corporation TR342HX41ARTLQC. So, we will definitely choose this one as the best pressure washer for any type of use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.How much pressure do I need?

Answer: For industrial use, the suitable pressure per square inch, or PSI, is 3000. This amount of pressure will help to get rid of sticky dirt easily. On the other hand, for residential use, lower pressure like 1600 PSI or 2000 PSI will be suitable.

Q.How much flow would I require?

Answer: For washing vertical surfaces, you would need a pressure washer with a higher PSI rate. On the other hand, for cleaning less dirty places, you would need the PSI to be lower.

Q.What are the differences between hot and cold commercial pressure washer?

Answer: Cold water pressure washers can help to wash many surfaces by the spray pressure with the use of cleaning detergents. Cold water is applicable in areas that are not dirtied with grease or oil. If the grease and oil are very dense, then using hot water would provide the best results.

Q.What is the difference between the belt drive and the direct drive?

Answer: Belt drive is ideal if the pressure washer is going to be severely used. On the other hand, if you need the pressure for fewer hours then getting the direct drive would be better. Also, this would cost you less amount of money.

Q.What fuel source should I choose?

 Answer: There are multiple choices available like electric, petrol, and diesel. Electric is perfect for indoor use since using petrol or diesel releases exhaust. Petrol and diesel are preferred to use outside or in ventilated areas. Petrol can also be used in models with PSI that ranges from 2000-4200.

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