Top 10 Best Commercial Pressure Washers ( Reviews & Guide)

To ease your life by serving you in your regular household chores, the commercial pressure washer is a perfect product for you. The function of a commercial pressure washer is to use water force for washing. The water comes with a high energy eases washing and removes dirt and rubbish well. In the reviews of the best pressure washer commercial in 2020 guide, we will discuss pressure washers which are not only time consuming but also affordable for you. 

 Best Commercial Pressure Washer 2020

We have included best ten commercial pressure washers and reviewed them thoroughly to give you a complete idea of each of the washer.
Here are the reviews:

1.Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

simpson msh3125simpson msh3125


To clean all kinds of grime and filth, this model of Simpson MSH3125 commercial pressure washer is a multipurpose appliance.


  •  The 15-amp motor, combined with the water delivery system, can exert a 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM.
  •  The 15-amp motor, combined with the water delivery system, can exert a 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM.
  •  This model is run by electricity and makes less noise while cleaning. 
  •  It is portable enough to move from one place to another.

The Good:

  • This pressure washer model has a flexible motor to use it with any socket and provide uninterrupted power. 
  • This pressure washer can work for several hours without any break.

The Bad:

  • There are criticisms about the odor of fuel.

If you want to try an efficient, flexible, and uninterrupted working experience with a pressure washer, then this one is must try. This will take your cleaning tasks in a different level. Click below button to know more. 

2.SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer

simpson ps3228 reviewsimpson ps3228 review


The Simpson offers numerous models of a pressure washer. The most significant one is the model PS3228 PowerShot gas pressure washer. This is different from other most commercial pressure washers. This has a feature of providing constant water stream and pump.


  •  This offers the facility to use in intense cleaning. 
  •  The cleaning power comes from motor efficiency, which can provide 3300 PSI as well as 2.5 GPM.
  •  two-wheel system of body resting offers comfortable strolling all around the backyard and make it super portable.

The Good:

  •  It helps cleaning efficiency by providing the option of using hot water up to a temperature of 180° F.
  •  It is very efficient for cleaning as its design 
  •  User can change the angle of water force by adjusting the head of the extended spray wand. 

The Bad:

  • Oil odors and heavyweight are drawbacks.

In the guide of a pressure washer, Simpson PS3228 review has the numerous positive appraisals universally if you need more info about this model click below button

3.SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer



Since Simpson is the one company which builds the machines that are rich in features, this model is one of a kind. The longevity and efficiency in beginner level are the significant features of this SIMPSON MS60763-S pressure washer model. The machine body is designed with a steel frame and eases cleaning with the help of its two-wheel moving system. 


  •  This particular model of a pressure washer is renowned as the beginner level machine for its adaptable power operation and simple plug and work operation. The motor can be plugged up practically anyplace. The device exerts 3100 PSI at 2.4 GPM from its power strength. It makes 2800, the total cleaning power. 
  •  The body is designed as a two-wheel system to move it around the backyard quickly and managing effortlessly.

The Good:

  • This model is the lightest weight model among the commercial units. The unit is weighing not more than 63 pounds and most portable model. 
  •  It contains a large size of tank to hold soap for cleaning. It has a specific soap spray plunger.

  • This model makes the least sound among the models of the series. 

The Bad:

  • The wand is a bit shorter.
  • This machine is not recommended for heavy cleaning tasks. It is risky to use it on fragile surfaces. 

As the reel seems to be quite clunky, you might need to tighten the hose reel while using. 

If you are looking for the most compact and lightweight washer for multipurpose use, then this one is the must-try a model for you. Click below button to know in detail about these models specifications. 

4.PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer

PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer


The name PowerBoss company is famous in the field of manufacturing pressure washers and gardening appliances universally. This is the commercial pressure washer which provides the features that a domestic pressure washer should have. The minimalism in the design with the most straightforward framing makes PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer a complete package to buy.


  •  The body is designed as a two-wheel system to move it quickly and managing effortlessly. 
  •  This model is the lightest weight model among the commercial units. The unit is weighing not more than 62 pounds and most portable model. 
  • 13.5 amp of motor strength of the machine provides the 3100 total cleaning power. It applies 2.7 GPM and 1300PSI on working surface.

  •  Chafing the paint will not be an easy task with it.

The Good:

  • It contains a large size of tank to hold soap for cleaning. It has a specific soap spray plunger.
  • Extra fast change plungers that are adaptable to change the force of water comes with this model to ease the task for the user. 
  • This model makes the least sound during operation and the lightest weight machine among all model.

The Bad:

  • This machine is not recommended for heavy cleaning tasks as the total amount of cleaning power of this is 3100. It is risky to use it on fragile surfaces. 
  • You might need to tighten the hose reel while using as the coil seems to be quite clunky. 

To get the most comfortable and fastest outdoor cleaning experience with extra 25-foot long hose reel, you should try this model of washer. Click below button, you can know more about this specific product. 

5.SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240 Aluminum Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240


If you need a washer for industrial use and requires excellent performance level, this SIMPSON Cleaning ALH4240 model from the series Simpson Aluminum is the perfect product. This model is a combination of strength and modern design in a washer. The whole machine is covered in a stainless steel framing and designed with the system of 2 wheels. In spite of the device being heavy over 109.9 pounds, the handle withstands the two-wheel system design of the washer helps the user easy to move it around anywhere. 


  •  This pressure washer is run by gasoline. The capacity of the Honda GX390 engine is 420cc. This strength of an engine is enough for providing the force of 4200 PSI, and at 4.0 GPM it gives total 18000 cleaning power. This clarifies the high efficiency of the machine.
  •  The device comes with a prolonged and high-pressure 50-foot hosepipe. It will offer you the option to clean every most robust corner and each surface that is hard to reach for cleaning. 

The Good:

  • Industrial power is strength comes from the qualitative power size ratio of this model.
  • This has the most durable wheel system and made of aluminum. 
  • When out of fuel, it has the feature of auto shutting down the machine to protect the engine from damage.

The Bad:

  • The price is comparatively higher of this model when it comes about industrial power. 

If you choose to buy a product of optimum performance in the harshest environments, then you should go for this model. Find out more details about it , click below button  

6.CRAFTSMAN CMXGWAS021024 MAX GPM Gas Pressure Washer 



When we talk about the run power of a commercial pressure washer of an industrial-grade, the first name that comes in the list of buying guide is the model CRAFTSMAN CMXGWAS021024. This is the most powerful and most durable model of pressure washer you can buy. This one is solely designed for industrial use. Though the machine is the most bulkiest one weighing 92 pounds. Full framing support and a steel body is the minimalistic design of it.


  •  This machine has a two-wheel system for helping in managing and moving.
  •  This pressure washer convey 3400 PSI in total from 3100 PSI gas power engine. Cleaning at 2.4 GPM and power sum of 28000.
  •  This model offers 30-foot long hose pipe, and the engine provides 208 cc-power adaptable triplex pump system allows excellent cleaning.

The Good:

  • It is quite an efficient grade of a commercial pressure washer with cleaning power. 
  • The machine comes with a prolonged and high-pressure 30-foot hosepipe.  
  • Users can use soaps and cleaning detergents in this model as it has that support mechanism.

The Bad:

  • This model of the pressure washer is comparatively expensive.
  • The design of the model is suitable for cleaning bigger spaces and backyards.

If you are looking for a solely industrial and efficient pressure washer, then you should try this model of machine.Find out more details about it , click below button 

7.Generac 3100 PSI Gas Pressure Washer 

generac pressure washer 3100 psi


Generac is a renowned company that manufactures some excellent quality of commercial pressure washers. This model is another one of the top commercial pressure washers that can work very professionally. They are well renowned in the power manufacture companies, and so this model achieved a place in our 10 best commercial pressure washer reviews guide. 

This pressure washer guarantees the washing method is easy and stress-free. It is the perfect product for both industry and domestic use. Everything about this pressure washer seems to be ideal, starting from the characteristics to the cost. 


  •  The engine turns on by a single touch and provides a dependable function.
  •  The pressure washer is motorized with a Li-ion battery and can preserve power for about one and a half year.
  •  The spray shooter is reliable, which is available with several force regulating method.
  •  There is an onboard container for keeping soap.

The Good:

  • The four plungers are simple to change.
  • Comes from a trustworthy brand.
  • Does not need much effort to maintain.
  • Parts stay the same for years and barely needs any repair or substitution.
  • customer support is very supportive and friendly.
  • The battery provides massive power to function the pressure washer without any difficulty.
  • Does not make any noise or heat.

The Bad:

  • It functions a bit slow.                   

So, after evaluating this pressure washer’s positives and negative features, we can say that this is a moderately good washer to put in proficiency to your clean-up chores. So if you find the features and cost match with your plan and requirements, give this commercial pressure washer a try. Click below button to know more about it.

8.Sun Joe SPX3500 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3500 Sun Joe SPX3500


The SPX3500 from Sun Joe company is the second product we will be putting in our top commercial pressure washer reviews 2018 guide. This is another admired pressure washer that has got an extensive report from customers all around. This commercial pressure washer can take your cleaning experience to the next level of cleaning. 

The SPX35000 is undoubtedly worth being one of the most popular commercial pressure washers in the production today, because of some significant characteristics and performance ability. For some added components, you can pay an extra twenty dollars to buy the SPX3501 model that has a hose reel with it, which is an excellent deal. Though, we will only discuss the SPX3500 here.


  •  Removing filth is simple with this 2300 PSI & 1.48 GPM pressure washer.
  •  It can run on 2000W power. It also operates without producing any heat or noise. It can perform for long hours without letting the engine heated.
  •  One can use the right amount of soap needed for a particular task, with the modifiable soap disk.

The Good:

  • The five spray instructions are handy.
  • The container for holding soap is enormous.
  • A helpful thirty-five-foot wire assists to transport the washer without difficulty.
  • Saves power by stopping the pump automatically.

The Bad:

  • The hose has a string that gets jumbled often.

Sun Joe SPX3500 makes cleaning dirt and rubbish much trouble-free. The buyer can be amateur or professional; buying this commercial pressure washer will be a good deal. Click below button  to know more details about this model.

9.Ford 3100 PSI Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

ford 3100 psi pressure washer


Ford company is well renowned for more than a hundred years for every kind of motorized transportation’s. It also introduced with its manufactured the most powerful pressure washers. This ford 3100 psi pressure washer is famous for cleaning tough dirt very quickly. 


  •  This well-designed washer is proficient of doing all levels of professional cleaning.
  • The most powerful 4-stroke, 7HP OHV engine helps you to get the severe cleaning targets.
  • Capable of working for several hours without a break and getting the machine heated.
  • Consist of natural connect nozzles and a long hose pipe to provide robust performance.

The Good:

  • The pump is mighty and high quality with exerts 2.5 GMP.
  • Removing dirt gets more straightforward with this 3100 PSI and 208 cc engine.
  • The handle with cushioning provides comfort during cleaning.
  • It contains on-board adaptable container to hold soap or detergent for intense cleaning.
  • five quick fix nozzles of different angles are available.
  • For excellent mobility, it has an oversized two-wheel system and lightweight.

The Bad:

  • Pressure is not adjustable.
  • Sometime hose breaks for high pressure, and it does not replace it.

For intense cleaning, this model provides the highest pressure and quality performance. If this meets your requirements, give this washer a try. Click below button to know more.

10.Generac 6923 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

generac 6923 pressure washergenerac 6923 pressure washer


Generac is a well-known company the manufactures exceptional quality of commercial pressure washers. The model general 6923 pressure washer is another one of those excellent residential pressure washers that can work very efficiently. So, this model attained the place in our top best commercial pressure washer review list.

The manufacturer claims that this pressure washer is an ideal model for cleaning from household stuff like the furniture to the parkway of cars and floor. The washing method is easy and stress-free. Easy to move anywhere effortlessly and user-friendly.


  •  You can use it around the whole house and backyard for its easy mobility feature.
  • While it comes of cleaning the tires and rims of your car, this model works as your helping hand as it has the horizontal-shaft engine.
  • Its spay gun feature gives it the ability to work correctly for brick, cement, and courtyards.
  • This model is easy to assemble and can work for a long time.

The Good:

  • The motor combined with the water delivery system can exert a 3100 PSI at 2.4 GPM.
  • four quick connect nozzles are available of different angles.
  • The handle with cushioning provides comfort during cleaning.
  • It contains tank to hold soap or detergent for cleaning.
  • It has a 25-foot long hose pipe to clean difficult to reach corners easily.
  • Lightweight model weighs only 57 lb.

The Bad:

  • This pressure washer is comparatively expensive as it is a gas pressure washer.
  • The hook on the back where you can hold the hose pipe is weak.

If you are interested in buying a pressure washer for domestic use that is affordable, reliable, and efficient, you should give this one a try. 

Buying Guide The Best Commercial Pressure Washer

Users of Commercial Pressure Washer

Manufacturing companies are frequent users of the commercial pressure washer, whereas they are becoming popular in household activities nowadays. Cost friendly and user-friendly characteristics of the machines are the reasons for its popularity in domestic works. 

The price slabs of the pressure washers vary on the efficiency and the water holding capacity of the machine. They can be run by electric, diesel, hydraulic pressure or gasoline. There are a lot of varieties of the pressure washer in the market when it comes to purchasing. The reviews of the pressure washer in this article will assist you in comparing and choosing the right pressure washer for you and save you from wasting time and money on the wrong product. For more about pressure washing

best commercial pressure washer reviews

Picking the right Commercial Pressure Washer for you

If you have not done this before, choosing the right pressure washer for you can be a hard task. Since the market offers you numbers of models of commercial pressure washers, you should choose the one that meets your requirements. This task can be easy if you can figure out the reason to need a pressure washer.

There are some features that one needs to know well when purchasing the best commercial pressure washer. 

Engine Brand is one of the considerations

The primary concern before buying the commercial pressure washer is the brand of the engine. The engine is the part which uses and supplies the power to work a pressure washer. There are many brands available. Choose a brand smartly which is from a renowned company instead of one is unknown. Choosing a famous band will offer you warranty coverage wherever any problem occurs. The company provides the service of repairing, even replacement of any parts.

How is the washer motorized?

Most of the commercial pressure washers are controlled by gas or electrical energy. Before deciding and making the final decision, you should know the difference between each product type and the features the type of products offer. For example, most fabulous gas-controlled pressure washers usually are more dominant than electric ones and therefore can wash anything faster and consume less energy. Gas-fueled models are likewise powerful and do not require an electrical operation. So, it better to use the commercial pressure washers which are operated by gas for industrial usage.

Nevertheless, gas-operated models of washers are perfect for outdoor cleaning activities since they create smokes. They create a louder sound as well compared to the electrical ones. On the other hand, electrically operated models are cost-effective, lightweight, and size is suitable for small activities like washing cars, indoor washing activities. To clean your backyard or car, an electrically controlled pressure washer is a perfect product. So, you should choose the right one that meets the requirements and taste.


The temperature of water for use

The temperature of the water is one of the most critical issues to think over before picking the best commercial pressure washer. A pressure washer is designed to use with either hot or cold water. The ones with hot water are perfect for farming or industrial work processes. Whereas, the one with cold water is ideal for domestic and indoor chores. 



Another thing to consider when buying a commercial pressure washer is its transportability. The ideal ones are easy to transport so that the user can quickly move it from one place to another.



Before buying, the buyer should check a few shoppers evaluation on Amazon. It will help him jotting down the ideas about the exact commercial pressure washer he is interested in purchasing. The buyer should also know the calculation of the Pounds per Square Inch or PSI. This PSI indicates the force created by the pressure washers through the cleaning procedure. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much pressure should I use? 

Answer: For industrial use, the amount of pressure that will appropriate for getting rid of all kinds of rubbish easily is 3000 PSI. Alternatively, for domestic use, the lesser weight will be appropriate. This ranges from 1600 PSI to 2000 PSI.

Q. How much water flow would I need?

Answer: For washing less dirty places, and almost flat ground surfaces, pressure washer of lower PSI will be perfect for you. However, for cleaning vertical and more sticky dirty surfaces, a pressure washer with a top PSI rate will work better.

Q. What is the safest place to keep my pressure washer?

Answer: You can keep your commercial pressure washer safe in a dirt-free, open, and dry place. You should also be careful not to stay near open ignite or sparks. If you keep your pressure washer in the basement, it is better to eliminate all gas from the engine before storing.

Q. What are the functional differentiation’s between cold and hot commercial pressure washer?

Answer: The surfaces which are not sticky or greased dirty, the cold water pressure washer is appropriate there. By pressure spaying with detergent, severe water pressure cleans easily. Using hot water would provide the best results if the oil and dirt are very intense.

Q. What fuel supply should I prefer?

Answer: There are numerous options on hand like gasoline, diesel, petrol, and electricity. The electric-based washer is perfect for interior use as petrol or diesel or gasoline releases fumes or stench. Thus it can create exhaustion. So, these are better for exterior use or open area.

Q. Can I mix bleaching powder in the water in the pressure washer?

Answer: NO! It is a big NO. You should never use any domestic bleach in the washer. It may damage the internal parts of the machine, even the engine, gun, pipe, and the pumps.

Q. How the belt drive is different from the direct drive?

Answer: The price range and the duration of usage are the difference between belt drive and direct drive. If you use the washer for a few hours, then the direct drive is the one for you. This will cost you the fewer quantity of money also. Whereas, if your washer is going to be used severely, the belt drive is the perfect one and a bit expensive.

Q. What chemicals I can use in my washer?

Answer: You can only use the soap or cleaning solutions that are a washer and of course, environment-friendly for cleaning. Using other chemicals may damage the engine of your machine and may pollute the environment as well.

Q. Why sometimes water comes out from my washer’s pump?

Answer:To protect the engine from overheating, the water will automatically come out of the pump. If you use washer without spraying for a long time it happens. This is called an automatic cooling system for the engine.

Concluding Remarks:

It seems like we arrived at the finishing line of our professional pressure washer reviews guide. Expectantly this list of commercial pressure washer reviews 2020 manual will help you in gathering basic ideas of each of the models or products. You should know these before making a purchase. It will also save you from wasting money and ending up buying the wrong product.

There is this one pressure washer that has snatches all our attention in all possible ways is the SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 Gas Pressure Washer. This model is the best commercial pressure washer that has extremely efficient features and all the basics that a machine should have. So, for any use, we will undoubtedly prefer this one as the best pressure washer.

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